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I am trying to use the following code to dispose the objects..

protected void Dispose( bool disposing )
if( disposing )
{ if(components != null)
{ components.Dispose(); }
base.Dispose( disposing ); }

but i am getting the error

'object' does not contain a definition for 'Dispose'
tumbledDown2earth 12-Apr-13 2:34am
which line in your code above gives this error?
tumbledDown2earth 12-Apr-13 2:36am
if its this line
---- base.Dispose( disposing ); }

then you must have not derived your class from any user defined class.
thus default base class "object" .. which does not implement IDisposable()

Replace the line
base.Dispose( disposing );

IDisposable disposable = base as IDisposable;
if (disposable != null)

In case that your base class does not implement IDisposable, the disposable object will be null - do not call Dispose here.
And the method in your class should be public or public virtual or public override, not only protected.
Abhinav S 12-Apr-13 5:58am
You are using protected in Dispose. Thus you need to ensure object inherits a Disposable object.
This is normally done by implementing an IDisposable interface.

Implementing IDisposable and the Dispose Pattern Properly[^] should help you.

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