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Hello friends,

I am using IMAP tto read mail from gmail for which I downlaod dll with 30days trial pack.

IS IMAP DLL is in some where in .NET


Can I get IMAP dll without purchasing It?

Please Reply
Updated 12-Apr-13 0:30am

Hello Neetesh,

You could have searched this very site. Any way I am giving you two links which will help you in removing dependency on third party dll.

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Neetesh Agarwal 12-Apr-13 6:55am    
Sorry I searched this after the qns posting by your link u give two days ago.

IMAPLib is .Net framework 4.5 IMAP library which is absolutely free.
It offers full control on folders and emails.[^]

See the example -

using ESS.Network.IMAP;

ImapClient objclient = new ImapClient();
objclient.UserName = "******";
objclient.Password = "*******";
objclient.Port = 993;
objclient.Host = "";//"imap.****.****.com";
if (objclient.Connect())
    if (objclient.SetFolder("Inbox"))
        Dictionary<string, string> messageIds = objclient.SearchMails(ESS.Network.eMailStatus.ALL);

        IDictionaryEnumerator ienum = messageIds.GetEnumerator();
        while (ienum.MoveNext())
            string messageId = (string)ienum.Key;
            string msguid = (string)ienum.Value;

            string emlstr = string.Empty;
            objclient.GetMail(messageId, ESS.Network.eMailIdType.MESSAGEID, ref emlstr);
            //emlstr - contains entire email

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Alkyy 23-Feb-17 3:43am    
That site is taking an extremely long time to load, is that just me or?
Nevertheless I'll try it out, also note that there is another great imap client for C# which enables both email and folder manipulation.

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