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Hello! do anyone know how to create a NER (Named Entity Recognition)?
Where it can help you to determine the text in a sentence whether it is a name of a person or a name of a place or a name of a thing.
Example: Apple can be a name of a person yet can be a name of a thing, and it can be a name of a place like Big Apple which is New York.

Example sentence: Hi! my name is apple, I live in new york where other people call it the big apple, i have a business of apple and i have a mac apple.

I want to know how to recognize the name of a person from a sentence.

Thank you in advance.:)
Updated 15-Apr-13 23:37pm
Steve44 16-Apr-13 1:45am    
What have you tried so far? Where are you stuck? It would be a disservice to you to solve your homework for you, as you are supposed to find your own ways, try to solve the problem and gain your own experience before asking for help. However, if you have questions regarding a specific problem that blocks you, feel free to ask, most people are more than willing to help in this situation.
Jesus Christ's servant 16-Apr-13 5:43am    
Actually sir Steve44, I don't know where to start.
I already created a parse tree for sentence, but I don't know how to start the NER (Named Entity Recognition). Am I going to have a database of words to compare with?
Please help me.
Richard MacCutchan 16-Apr-13 5:53am    
Yes, you need some sort of dictionary. How else would you be able to tell whether a word is a person or not?
Jesus Christ's servant 16-Apr-13 21:11pm    
It depends on the sentence on how the name of a person used.
But actually that's my main problem, on how to identify the name of a person in a sentence.
And also, if i am going to have list of words, there will be a possibility that some words will not be able to find in the database especially name of a person.
Richard MacCutchan 17-Apr-13 2:58am    
Exactly so.

You have not mentioned which references you were reading up on or if you have a textbook for your work. Here a few pointers to get you started:

NER on Wikipedia[^]
Natural Language ToolKit (Python)[^]
CRF-NER (Java)[^][^]

Though these are not in your intended target language, they should provide enough insight into the algorithm you are choosing to get you started with your assignment.

Hope this helps.
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Jesus Christ's servant 16-Apr-13 21:22pm    
Thank you sir steve, they help me a lot. I will try the algorithm you found.
and give you a feedback what happen.:))
Member 12272436 19-Jan-16 0:50am    
how to use hmm model for named entity recognition
stanford ner library ported to c sharp -[^]
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