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I have a Gridview which has 4 columns, ID,First(Radiobutton),Second(Radiobutton) and Yes/No(Checkbox) , the sample data is as follows:
ID        First(Radiobutton)      Second(RadioButton)         Yes/No(CheckBox)

001        checked                  not checked                  checked
002        not checked               checked                   not checked
003        checked                  not checked                  checked
004        checked                  not checked                  checked

In SQL Server the table contains the columns as ID(Varchar), Priority(int) which is 1 if First RadioButton checked and 2 if Second Radio Button is checked, and Decision(true if Yes/No checkbox is checked and false id not checked), As(according to the gridview data
ID         Priority         Decision

001        1                 true
002        2                 false
003        1                 true
004        1                 true

Now, I want to update the data by clicking a 'Save' button but want tpo update the data through XML. So can anyone assist me with this?
Updated 19-Apr-13 6:41am
senguptaamlan 18-Apr-13 10:13am    
yes you need to write some code...try to fetch some for you.
Maciej Los 19-Apr-13 11:44am    
What you mean: "(i) want tpo update the data through XML"?
ZurdoDev 19-Apr-13 12:16pm    
Are you saying you want to save the data from a gridview to xml and then send it to SQL? Can you explain better because that makes no sense.

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