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I am working through the list of events on a listbox, and I cannot see one for when the data source has bound. How is that possible ?

Thanks for the response Pete. Let me explain my situation. There are some Weven machines on which my application reports that it is not responding. The reason is, I have a listbox template that plays videos, so the databinding is solely responsible for loading 19 very small videos, to play as thumbnails. I believe my issue is that a virus scanner is taking so long to scan those files, that my program is deemed unresponsive. I added some message boxes, and my method runs fine, it's the internal binding that is the issue. So I am looking for a way to hook into that process and convince the system that my app is still running.
Updated 14-Feb-10 10:09am

Ahhh, the joys of the differences between databinding in WPF and ASP.NET; while you have the RowDataBound event in ASP.NET, it's intended/aimed at the fact that the binding in ASP.NET is nowhere near as powerful as WPF. There are very few cases (that's code for I can't think of any off the top of my head) where you need to hack around with a binding in WPF to change template items - there are standard WPF mechanisms that take care of this for you.
Do these videos all play together? Are they visible at once? If not, then I'd look at using virtualisation to cope with them and load the videos on demand.

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