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I would like to know about the future enhancement programs relating to OCR, the optical content recognition. Please help.
Updated 24-Apr-13 12:54pm
Richard MacCutchan 24-Apr-13 15:45pm
In the future it will be enhanced.
joshrduncan2012 24-Apr-13 17:01pm
Nice, +5 from me.
Richard MacCutchan 24-Apr-13 17:05pm
It's rather ridiculous that people come to a tech forum to ask about the future. :-/
joshrduncan2012 24-Apr-13 17:07pm
This question is just too vague and doesn't belong here anyway.
Richard MacCutchan 24-Apr-13 17:16pm
The question is clear; it's just pointless. It might as well ask what will be the price of gold next month.
joshrduncan2012 24-Apr-13 17:21pm
Good point...
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Apr-13 18:41pm
Great note, I must say!
You know what: I prefer to quote some classics in this case. It gave me the idea for an answer, thank you very much. Please see.
joshrduncan2012 24-Apr-13 17:01pm
Why do you want to know this information? I'm just curious. Have you tried researching any information as to the future of OCR?
[no name] 24-Apr-13 17:29pm
Sorry, my crystal ball is in the shop this week. Why are you screaming at us anyway?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Apr-13 18:42pm
We are not strong enough, with our Middle Ages crystal balls. I quoted the one who knew better, but even this person.... :-) Well, please see my answer.
lewax00 24-Apr-13 18:54pm
Please do not post in all caps. It's considered yelling on the Internet, and is rather rude.

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Yoda wrote:
Clouded, this boy's future is.

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