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Dear sir,

I have created 2 webform 1.Deafult.aspx and 2.Default2.aspx

Default.aspx i have used one text box and image button(calendar) after clicking calderimage its redirect defalut2.aspx.
in default2.aspx i have used two dropdwon list year and month caldercontrol and one buttoncontrol after click that button i have write resposonse.write(Response.Write(Calendar1.SelectedDate.ToString());
it shows selected date on default2.aspx

but i want to show the same selected in default11.aspx textbox and as defalut1.aspx i have created image button that is for show calender instead of redirect defalut2.aspx i want to show new tab or popup of default2.aspx and it should vanish after selecting date.

1) Default.aspx


2) default.aspx

-drodownlist for year
-dropdownlist for month
-button control so thaht after click its shows date.
Thanks7872 25-Apr-13 3:37am
not at all clear what you want to do.calander is imagebutton?First of all,implement things in some logical manner. Whats your aim?what you want to do?focus on some realy meaningfull things,not like select this show that....make clear whats your primary goal.
deeptul 25-Apr-13 5:12am
dear sir,

i want to show selected date in textbox by using calndar control how to show that if i create that calendar control other webform
Karthik Harve 25-Apr-13 5:25am
you mean, the calender is in another screen, so that selected date in that screen, you need to show in your current screen ?
deeptul 25-Apr-13 5:45am
yes sir
deeptul 25-Apr-13 5:48am
another screen all the calandar logic is implement but i need to show it in current screen text box
Karthik Harve 25-Apr-13 6:04am
show me the code you have written for redirecting back to current screen.
deeptul 25-Apr-13 6:54am
i have using query string any other way to do the same
Karthik Harve 25-Apr-13 7:02am
you can use any of the techniques for transferring data from one screen to another.
Karthik Harve 25-Apr-13 6:29am
did you tried with query string to pass the calender selected date to current screen ?
deeptul 25-Apr-13 7:26am
yes i have tried
fromdate : textboxt1
todate : textbox2

but bohth textbox shows same date although we have selected diff date plz give the solution

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