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i have an asp: datagrid which contain loat of template column.i want to change the back grond color in the grid row/cells based on the colum value lets say "Type" .datagrid is binded using code .
Updated 25-Apr-13 3:57am

There is an article about that in CodeProject (and about a quarter of a million hits in Google)
Changing the color of a row in a GridView in ASP.NET[^]

Only about 200k hits in google[^]
rajin kp 30-Apr-13 1:32am
bro , do you know data grid and grid view are different :)
CHill60 30-Apr-13 4:12am
But in both cases you use Row.Backcolor.
The point that it's incredibly easy to find this solution in google is the same though :-) I've updated my solution with a different link
Tiwari Avinash 30-Apr-13 5:41am
nice link!! I think rajin kp got some help from it surely.. :)
rajin kp 1-May-13 5:42am
i solve this as
protected void OTSDGView_ItemDataBound(object sender, DataGridItemEventArgs e)
//if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow)
if (Convert.ToString(DataBinder.Eval(e.Item.DataItem, "AppointmentTypeID")) == "1")
e.Item.CssClass = "tr_Analysis";
else if (Convert.ToString(DataBinder.Eval(e.Item.DataItem, "AppointmentTypeID")) == "2")
e.Item.CssClass = "tr_Dietitian";
else if (Convert.ToString(DataBinder.Eval(e.Item.DataItem, "AppointmentTypeID")) == "3")
e.Item.CssClass = "tr_Doctor";
catch (Exception ex)
//ErrorLabel.Text = ex.Message;

tks all
You can use jQuery to change background color of tr elements or you can modify this code jQuery selectors.

$(document).ready(function () {

I'm taking into account that you are using DataGrid and not the GridView of .net

you can use OnItemDataBound event of the datagrid.

use something like this in event

if(ControlValue < 3)
    TableCell Cell = e.Row.Cells[0];
      Cell.BackColor = Color.Black;

or use the "e" event argument to find the cell instead of table cell
rajin kp 1-May-13 6:48am
controlvalue is avilable after databound isnt it ?

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