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I have a List<data> which i am trying to loop and pass it to some function.
IEnumerable<EntityObject> Data  = entity.get();
LstAll = new Employee(); 
foreach (EntityObject o in Data)
  Employee e = new Employee();

now i want to use lamba expression so that i can remove the Foreach loop and call the DeleteData.
LstAll.Add(from o in Data  
           let c = DeleteData(o,Employee e));

This code is giving me error.
Any suggestion Plz help.

[Edit: Code block added]
Updated 27-Apr-13 22:52pm
Pheonyx 26-Apr-13 5:45am    
What is the error?
rohit24c 26-Apr-13 6:26am    
its syntactically wrong.

Each Linq expression must have a select.
from ... in ... select ...;

Your example data is incomplete or maybe wrong. You talk about List<data> but this is nowhere visible in your code.
Your LstAll seems to be a list (you call Add(...) in the loop), but initialization is by a single element (new Employee() is not likely to be a list, right?).

Please revise your question and carefully check the code in the question so it exactly matches what you have in your homework assignment.


PS: What does DeleteData(...) doing? If it removes some item from the list it loops over, the program is broken.
PPS: If the problem is to add a range of elements to a list, then use the AddRange(...) method.
PPPS: Is this a typo or don't you understand where to use/don't use type names (see Employee):
LstAll.AddRange(from o in Data let c = DeleteData(o,Employee e) ... select ...);
or is it rather the following?
LstAll.AddRange(from o in Data let c = DeleteData(o, new Employee()) ... select ...);
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You have 2 operations to perform, fill list and delete record, both cannot be done.
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The solution here:
Linq Query - Call Method.[^]

might solve your issue.
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