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Hi everyone :)

I have a Store Management System for a company that have 4 branches and each branch have 4 system clients.

The 4 branches works on a central database over internet connection, the problem here is the data saving and retrieving are more slow.

So there is any solution for this problem or there is another module to be implemented ?

Thanks in advance
[no name] 30-Apr-13 12:43pm    
So you have a common DB for all the clients ?
AhmedYehiaK 30-Apr-13 12:44pm    
ahaaa i have a common DB for all clients
[no name] 30-Apr-13 12:49pm    
So Data sync approaches that OP has suggested don't apply, first of all you need to identify the problem by doing some profiling. Try using fiddler for traffic information and use SQL profiler for SQL side of it.
AhmedYehiaK 30-Apr-13 12:51pm    
there is no problem if there are another module to be implemented like Data sync approaches if this module will solve the problem

1 solution

There are various options to you, and this is a very broad approach to things.
It also depends how you want to operate.

If the sites do not need 100% up to date information then you could use Data Synchronisation approaches:
Choose a Data Synchronization Technology[^]

If they do need upto date information then you could work on a paging method when retrieving large amounts of data, or refine how your data is transmitted between them. When submitting information take advantage of threading and handling failures on a call back method. This means you can submit large amounts of data and keep using other aspects of the program while it submits if that suites your operation.

You could also look into compression which could be applied.

Without knowing much more about your system it is hard to advice but those are some approaches that could be considered.
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AhmedYehiaK 30-Apr-13 12:48pm    
Initially i think that data synchronization is more suitable
Pheonyx 30-Apr-13 12:55pm    
It is your system, as I stated without knowing a lot more about how you operate and what your business requirements are it is only loose advice we can give. If you only have 1 central database and do not want to have additional ones on the local sites then data synchronization is not applicable. If you are not bothered about adding "holding" databases at each site then it might be the right approach. There is a lot of information about this sort of thing available and I would advise looking at your chosen approach in a lot of detail before looking to implement it.
AhmedYehiaK 30-Apr-13 20:22pm    
thnx a lot :)

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