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I created a simple AxctiveX control which would change its color in response to popup menu. I dynamically created a menu in the function
of the control. The problem is, if i call
, passing 'this' as a
, the popup commands are not enabled. Can someone please explain where I am going wrong? Is there something in the implementation of
that overrides the behavior of

that allows a Popup to function? If so - can i change it?

I am using VC 2008

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help ...

Style-7 1-May-13 8:16am
How do you create handle of menu?
pani68 1-May-13 12:47pm
I have a CMenu * member variable in the class.

Then I initialise it in the constructor like this:

m_menu = new CMenu;


In the OnContextMenu function I add the menu item and call OnPopupMenu as follows:

while(m_menu->DeleteMenu(0,MF_BYPOSITION) != FALSE); //

m_menu->AppendMenu(MF_STRING | MF_ENABLED,MENU_SAVE_TO_FILE,L"Save Graph to File");
m_menu->AppendMenu(MF_STRING | MF_ENABLED,MENU_CHANGE_COLOR,L"Change the color");

m_menu->TrackPopupMenu(TPM_LEFTALIGN|TPM_RIGHTBUTTON,point.x, point.y, this, NULL );

1 solution

TrackPopupMenu(TPM_LEFTALIGN|TPM_RIGHTBUTTON,point.x, point.y,  this, NULL );

I think you must pass a window handle, not "this".
See also.

pani68 2-May-13 11:31am
Thank you for the suggestion. But the problem is not solved. I get the same result even if I use the pointer returned by AfxGetMainWnd().

I am not sure which handle to pass in place of 'this'. Since the control is inherited from COleControl, I thought 'this' could be used in the function.

Any further ideas to solve the problem?

Style-7 3-May-13 7:24am
Try use GetDesktopWindow()

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