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I have a page in my ASP.Net web application which fetches data into labels etc. as follows:

Repeater control to fetch data from database.

Link in repeater control to a detail page with queryString eg:

Each ad goes to the same page when clicked just changing the id in querystring.

Will the pages be search engine optimized?

i.e. If we search in Google for say XYZ Company, will the detail page of XYZ Company whose id is 501 ( be shown in the results?

If not, what should I do using ASP.Net for this functionality?

Please help!
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Solution 2

Refer to this link

Google indexing dynamic pages
Tech Code Freak 7-May-13 4:22am
Thank You so much!
This is exactly what I wanted!
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Solution 1

The article - URL formatting – using querystrings (or not)[^] gives a very clear explanation of the concepts related to SEO optimizations. Below is a paragraph from that article.

In the top one we get content in the URL. This is helpful in many ways in terms of search visibility.

A user can read that URL and instantly know what the content generally will be about. When this link shows up as a search result or in a document/email/webpage, this clearly emphasizes to a searcher what they are getting when they click. If that is what they are interested in, that click is much more likely to happen than with a link that does not describe the content.
Anyone linking to that URL, especially if they use that URL in their link text, will be emphasizing the keyword content at that URL.
Both humans and search engines get a sense of classification of the content in that the ipad 2 is a “tablet” and it’s “tech”.

“If your URL contains relevant words, this provides users and search engines with more information about the page than an ID or oddly named parameter would.”

Other references in that article are
1. 11 Best Practices for URLs[^].
2. Static vs. Dynamic urls[^].
3. URL structure[^].
4. Beware of Query Strings[^].
5. GOOGLE - Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide[^].
Tech Code Freak 6-May-13 0:57am
Hello! Thanks for the reply!

I want to ask:
I have an AdDetail.aspx page which will take querystring parameter: "id" and then fetch data of that particular ad from the database. And also add meta description, keywords, etc tags at runtime (dynamically).
This url "" will nowhere be mentioned on the website. But this link will be generated dynamically in the Repeater control when ads are searched for.
So, will this link in any way be indexed by the search engines?
Sorry for late reply, was busy with work... Thanks for accepting the answer...

This is good question. And give me some time to ask one SEO expert for the same.

I will reply you again, when I get the answer.
Tech Code Freak 8-May-13 7:07am
It's Okay!

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