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Can anyone help me!! I am unable to upload image file(.jpg) to web server containing a folder myaccount/images/ using

Thanks in advance.
Not a question. What did you try? Why did it fail?
Mannava Siva Aditya 6-May-13 1:23am
I need to explain from starting. I am writting an uploading image application by accessing two different application which exist in two different servers.

I am able to interact between two different servers. From one application we would be passing an ID and it captures in another application and based on the ID value I am able to fetch data such as Name, Contact, Emmail and Image.
Note: Images are stored in server mannually - here i wanted to automate that process. I am able to retrieve the images but I am not able to upload the image.

Hope you are clear with the question?
In fact, not more than before. You got two answers, develop accordingly.
Thanks7872 6-May-13 0:56am
what do you mean by I am unable to upload image file(.jpg) to web server? What have you done?Is there any error?
Mannava Siva Aditya 6-May-13 1:30am
I havn't been getting any error or exception only thing is the image when i m uploading it its not able to upload the image.
Not informative.

Uploading files is one of the most basic chores. The type of the file does not really matter. Please see:[^].

Refer to the link below

How to upload a file to a Web server in ASP.NET. Implement it according to your needs.
We need to set up Write permissions on the folder where that we are uploading the images. Assign write permission to IIS_User.


Just add one important thing that is make sure we have to give domain user in given web.config tab. because that have share folder permission and also add that domain user in the user group of web server. User group having all relavant permissions related to application process, so we dont need to specially give any permission. we just need to take care about the shared folder permission.

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