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Hi I'm implementing angularJS grid and using ng-grid for the same. I refered to the example at[^]

Here the data is hard coded and gets shown on the grid. I have a set of question.

1. How can I bind the data that is obtained from a WCF service ?
2. I want the gridcell to be editable on tab event. how can I perform this ?
3. When the gridcell is edited the data in the cell on tab out will be given as an input to the WCF service which will return data to be populated in remaining cells of the gridrow.

If anyone can suggest about editable gridview, that can also do partially.

Please , if anyone can help regarding this issue.
Thank you.
Updated 8-May-13 0:47am
Bala Selvanayagam 8-May-13 6:53am
WCF service out put should be in JSON format
sagar wasule 8-May-13 7:39am
thanks Bala for ur response, Yes I can have WCF service output in JSON format but I'm not able to find find how can I code to bind that data to Grid, even my major concern is to edit the grid, how can I go about that ?
Bala Selvanayagam 8-May-13 9:44am
sagar, I am not an expert on AngularJs but trying to build a prototype for our next project which is due to start soon.

My understanding is that when you bind the data on the client side with angular javascript it may not be very hard to make it editable as its a data binding ?

Please have a look at the URL which gives and idea.
Bala Selvanayagam 8-May-13 10:05am
sagar, similar question

this should give an answer how to edit ?
sagar wasule 9-May-13 2:05am
Bala thanks for your response, I saw this url from Stackoverflow, same can be my doubt I'm unable to edit on focus, the guy who posted the reply that url also is not editable on focus. When I double click the grid it becomes editable but I want it too be editable on tab key or on focus.
sagar wasule 9-May-13 2:07am
your this response is good helps in fetching data from wcf service. Now the grid issue persists , hope I can integrate both and workout something ...
Bala Selvanayagam 9-May-13 9:07am

1 solution

I have gone through various links on google and found out that ngGrid does not support on focus editable functionality in 2.0

I created a customed control for this which can be make shift arrangement for on focus editable grid.
You all can check this on my blog :[^]

Feedback is appreciated, this is not actual grid but a make shift arrangement that can be done.

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