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i have 2 datagridviews

while working both have a very large data about 70,000 + rows with 3 columns in each datagridview

now i have to save both datagridview to a single file with my own extension

so when user simple double clicks a file with my custom extension , my form1 is opened and data is filled to both datagridview again

now i have created such code where i am tacking single rows and writing it to the textfile
it is good for small number of rows but as lines added time is also increased .

for 70,000 lines it tacks about 10 mins , now user can not wait until 10 mins

is there any way to make it fast ?

Assuming you have a DataSet or DataTable associated with the DataGrdiView, you could just use DataSet.WriteXml[^] to write the lot. If each DGV is based on a DataTable, then create a new DataSet, add both tables, and write the DataSet. You can then read it back with DataSet.ReadXml[^] and restore the two tables.
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sorry but both datagridviews are unbound

also there is not only datagridview to be saved in file , addition to this 2 datagridview u=i also have to save 2 richtextbox text and some variable values

so what i want is
when user closes application the whole project is saved in a file , so that user can load project file and application must start from where it was last left .
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Maciej Los 11-May-13 6:13am    
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