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I have a simple application in and a setup application in the same solution. If I want to obfuscate the application and make a installer package, the what are the steps? I mean where to add the setup project, after obfuscation, it generates the obfuscated output in a separate directory.

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You can add the setup project to the same solution if you want. The location does not matter that much since you tell it where it lives. Your setup project has the place where you add the exe of your choice - select the obfuscated one.
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You package it up the exact same way to do any other .EXE. You compile your solution, then obfuscate the binaries, then package them up.

Oh, please don't use the Setup and Deployment project in VS2010 and below. It's deprecated and no longer supported in VS2012 and above.

Use a 3rd party installation build application like Advanced Installer, InstallShield, InnoSetup, Wix, ...
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DEB4u 11-May-13 10:44am    
I used obfuscating, it generates an exe, when i copy that obfuscated exe to the release folder (without setup project), then,it's not running,just being crashed...note that my application depends on files which reside on the same directory... if don't obfuscate, then after building in VS it runs..
Dave Kreskowiak 11-May-13 10:58am    
Why are you copying it to the release folder?? I have no idea what you're using to obfuscate the code, and exactly what you're obfuscating so I can't tell you what will and won't work.

But, if you're obfuscating all of the code, including any .DLL's in the project and the ouptuts from the obfuscator are all in one place, you don't have to cpoy the code to anywhere.

I suggest you get with the manufacturer of the obfuscation tool you're using and ask them what's going on.

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