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string str = textBox1.Text;
textBox1.Text = "";
int i = str.Length;
for (int j = 0; j < i - 1; j++)
    textBox1.Text += Convert.ToString(str[i]);

Above is back sapce coding....when i am going to run than error "Index was outside the bound of array" is coming
Updated 13-May-13 0:18am

You have to convert the string into char array and then do foreach loop.


if (TextBox1.Text != string.Empty)
                string str = TextBox1.Text;
                char[] array = str.ToCharArray();
                TextBox1.Text = "";

                foreach (char c in array)
                    TextBox1.Text += Convert.ToString(c);
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 5:29am
If any queries let me know....
TanvirRaihan 13-May-13 5:36am
string itself is a array of char. Why you need to convert it?
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 5:49am
String is not array but it is a sequence of unicode chars.

And check the below msdn link and see that even microsoft follows this pattern of converting string to char array. As far as I am aware this is how we deal with chars.

If any more queries plz let me know.
sakshi111 13-May-13 6:31am
sir this code is not working....when i clicking at backspace than nothing is cahanging
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 7:05am
Please check the first if condition, Textbox.text should not be empty. If it is empty then nothing will change.
sakshi111 13-May-13 7:09am
no its not empty
MuhammadUSman1 14-May-13 1:05am
Dear Sakshi111!
I couldn't understand your question?

Do you want to remove last character of text in TextBox1?
You Want to Show all text in reverse order.
Don't you think the code will be :

textBox1.Text += Convert.ToString(str[j]); 

instead of
textBox1.Text += Convert.ToString(str[i]);
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 5:28am
Ideally, the approach should be like the below solution...
sakshi111 13-May-13 5:34am
thank u it was minor mistake
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 5:38am
But ideally you have to use a char array in this scenario. You can verify the Solution 2 for example.
sakshi111 13-May-13 6:17am

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