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I have developed an application to lock the folder.Below is the code that i use for locking the folder.Normally the code works fine if the folder/file name doesnt contain any spaces.(Example: Folder Name - Test Folder) and if the folder name is TestFolder then the code works fine and the folder is locked properly.Can i help where exactly its going wrong.

Thanks in Advance.

char pass[15]="";
ofstream lfolder;
char folder[200]={0};
CString Foldername;
CString drive;
char tempfolder[200]={'0'};
char attributes[50]={'0'};

drive = "D:\\TestFolder";

sprintf_s(folder, "%s", drive);
strcpy(tempfolder, folder);

strcat(folder, "\\Desktop.ini");, ios::out);

lfolder << "[.shellClassInfo]" << endl;
lfolder << "CLSID = {2559a1f2-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0}" << endl;


strcpy(attributes, "attrib +h +s ");
strcat(attributes, tempfolder);

WinExec(attributes, NULL);
Updated 14-May-13 18:47pm

1 solution

You are building a string that attempts to set the characteristics with a command line operation via WinExec(). You need to build the command line so that the filename shows up in double quotes. For example the command line you are building for "C:\\Test Folder" is 'attrib +h +s C:\\Test Folder' and it should be 'attrib +h +s "C:\\Test Folder"'.
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Rocky_Bas 15-May-13 0:24am    
Sorry Brydon i didnt get u.
H.Brydon 15-May-13 0:46am    
strcpy(attributes, "attrib +h +s \"");
strcat(attributes, tempfolder);
strcat(attributes, "\"");

Also you should really get in the habit of using strcpy_s() and strcat_s() for this type of code. There are several other coding indiscretions that I'll save for another time.
Rocky_Bas 15-May-13 1:06am    
Thanks Brydon that worked fine.

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