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hi there,
Can anyone help in the following issue?

I have a line chart report in rdlc using
I want to show tooltips when the user positions his mouse on that line. There is an option in the properties window to set the tooptips.
Suppose I set the tooptip to an expression such as =field!price.value.

But it doesn't show any tooltips. What am i missing in this issue.
Can any one help?

thanks in advance.

Actually the only thing that you can do is modify Axis options to show points but you can't show tooltips for values. If you strictly want this then you have two options:
1. Try 3rd party controls like Dundas :sigh: .
2. Create a report viewer at your own :doh:
Hi, not sure if I can help as I have the same problem but I read online that this a (quoting) "known ReportViewer limitation"... I assume Microsoft is the only one who knows about this and they know it since 2006 but as "we know" they won't do hack about it. They will probably release some "new" reporting tool rather than fixing their own mess.
piyush9717 5-Jun-13 8:33am
Can we show a line chart and area chart in one single chart in rdlc?

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