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I am making a calculator in visual studio 2010. but i want to copy the text of my textbox
and paste it to anywhere in window's wordpad,notepad etc. how this can possible in c#. Please guide me
Prasad_Kulkarni 15-May-13 2:56am    
AFAIK you can easily copy the text from your text box.

Check if you disabled the text box or used any copy prevention code for it.

1 solution

Copying to the clipboard is easy:

Pasting into other applications is harder, if you want to do it directly from C# rather than letting the user do it. You can do it via SendKeys[^] but to be honest, that isn't a good practice: if your application started messing with my clipoard just to transfer info to Word or Excel, then I would unistall it with extreme prejudice.

What are you trying to achieve that you think this is a necessary and good idea?
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Comments 15-May-13 3:07am    
I think the objective is to emulate the Window's Calculator 'Edit > Copy' option
sakshi111 15-May-13 3:10am    
yes sir like window xp calculator copy and paste please tell me how can i do it.
OriginalGriff 15-May-13 3:25am    
See above: it's only one line of code!

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