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Sendkeys to windows application doesnt work. i have the following code
Set objAP = CreateObject("")
  objAP.Run "aruser.exe" ' aruser is an windows application
  objAP.AppActivate "aruser.exe"
  objAP.SendKeys "gananu", True
  objAP.SendKeys "{TAB}", True
  objAP.SendKeys "gananu", True

When i run this code, it is printing 'gananu' in VB script editor itself, but my requirement is to send 'gananu' to aruser application.
Can someone help. Thanks, ganga
Updated 17-Feb-10 3:40am

This example [^] works on my system.
Did you try to run the .vbs file outside the editor?

Please don't add 'fake answers': modify your original post (or write a new one).
Did you try the example of the link (i.e. maybe the problem is not the script, but the application you run)?
thanks for the reply. i tried creating a "command button" in excel sheet with this code and then run, still it failed.
Try to use WScript.Sleep afther the AppActivate call to pause the script for a couple of seconds and give the application time to be activated.

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