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I have one website (running on local host for testing) in c# and also have some java scripts on home page. It works fine but when we load the default home page then it does take approximately 28 seconds to 30 seconds. I have tested this home page with out using java scripts and jqueries but it takes approx. 30 seconds to load on first request or refresh later.

As far as other pages are concerned, they are loading normally. Is there anyone who can point out some of the reasons for slower page loading of default page every time. And also suggest some tips to reduce page load timing.

Any help is appreciated....
Updated 15-May-13 3:11am
[no name] 15-May-13 9:41am
try using some proxy client like fiddler to see if slowness is due to server side or client side code.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 9:41am
There are lot of factors the performance depends on. So you have to be some more specific in order for anybody to analyze the actual issue. Can you please eloborate more by giving or specifying the code and controls which you have used in the home page especially in the page_load you have used?

1 solution

It is hard to say without seeing your website but here are some tips :

It always takes some time to wake up the asp application pool. Does it also load slow after revisiting it with another browser ( or clean you cache first)

Limit the number op sockets needed to open your page by using sprites ([^]

Optimize your image folder where you keep static content like images and scripts.

Be sure all your divs tables and images use the proper size attributes. It takes time to recalculate and render a page if the sizing is not logical.

Try to see if there a ascync (non blocking) versions of your used jscript functions. Try to use call backs and try to run them after page-load event.

Last tip You can check in the chrome dev tool what part on your page takes the most time to load.

There are online a lot of resources dealing with speeding up your page. Here is just one. Google webmaster tool section also has some nice tips.[^]

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