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I am working with two date pickers in my from ,To select From date and Two date and set the plan. Once the plan is saved for a particular days. The next time when user want to make new plan i want to disable those dates which are already assigned for previous plan. Dates which i want to disable comes dynamically from the database. I doing coding in

My Question is , Can i disable the dates in jQuery date picker dynamically. if yes, Please advise me the way to do it with an example.

Thanks in Advance.
Dhyanga 17-Dec-20 13:07pm
I am running into same issue. Did you have a solution now?

1 solution

You Can use
option of JQuery.

Please see the following code to disable Non Working Days.


beforeShowDay: nonWorkingDates,
numberOfMonths: 1,
minDate: '05/01/09',
maxDate: '+2M',
firstDay: 1

function nonWorkingDates(date){
var day = date.getDay(), Sunday = 0, Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2, Wednesday = 3, Thursday = 4, Friday = 5, Saturday = 6;
var closedDates = [[7, 29, 2009], [8, 25, 2010]];
var closedDays = [[Monday], [Tuesday]];
for (var i = 0; i < closedDays.length; i++) {
if (day == closedDays[i][0]) {
return [false];


for (i = 0; i < closedDates.length; i++) {
if (date.getMonth() == closedDates[i][0] - 1 &&
date.getDate() == closedDates[i][1] &&
date.getFullYear() == closedDates[i][2]) {
return [false];

return [true];


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