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i want to insert record of two tabels in one tabel by inserting querry using with c# but records are not inserting my code is that

SqlConnection sq = new SqlConnection(connectionString);
                SqlCommand cm;
                cm = new SqlCommand("INSERT INTO Result(Semester,TotalMarks,MarksTheory,MarksLab,GPA,Status)(Select student_id,FullName,FatherName,Class,Program FROM Student)) Values('" + Nametxt.Text + "','" + Fathertxt.Text + "','" + DropDownclass.SelectedValue + "','" + DropDownSmster.SelectedValue + "','" + TotalMarkstxt.Text + "','" + Markstheorytxt.Text + "','" + Markslabtxt.Text + "','" + GPAtxt.Text + "','" + DropDownStatus.SelectedValue + "','" + DropDownProgram.SelectedValue + "')", sq);
Updated 17-May-13 16:33pm
[no name] 17-May-13 22:38pm    
Would be a lot easier to read if you used parameterized queries instead of trying to create an SQL injection attack.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-May-13 23:04pm     CRLF
Aha, now I know: Karachi is in U.S.A. :-) —SA
Qadri Jillani 18-May-13 0:44am    
aoa ! brother tahir is the structure of all the three tables same or not?

1 solution

1.if the structure of your tables is same and you want to insert every record from both tables than you can use this :
INSERT INTO table1 (col1,col2,col3,.....,coln) 
     SELECT * FROM table2, table3

2.if you want to insert specific records based on some condition than you can use this:
INSERT INTO table1 (col1,col2,col3,.....,coln) 
     SELECT * FROM table2, table3 where table2.colname=table3.colname

you can use your own condition in "where" clause
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