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I have a DLL written in VB6 that works with IIS7 using classic ASP to call it. I was able to make a Class DLL to work in and make it COM Interop. I get the parameter value for "s" but I don't understand why I have to use an index for the QueryString below to the get value. It always seems to have to be (1). I discovered this because at first the result was "you cannot assign a string value to a lString". Does anyone have an explanation for this?

Public Function HelloYou() As String

    Dim objAppServer As COMSVCSLib.AppServer
    Dim objContext As COMSVCSLib.ObjectContext
    Dim objRequest As ASPTypeLibrary.Request

    objAppServer = New COMSVCSLib.AppServer
    objContext = objAppServer.GetObjectContext()
    objRequest = objContext.Item("Request")

    HelloYou = objRequest.QueryString("s")(1)
    End Function

The ASP page that calls this class looks like this:

set ceprocs=Server.CreateObject("ClassLibrary1.Class1")
response.write ceprocs.HelloYou()

I added the references:
COM+ Services Type library
Micrsoft Active Services Type Library

Any insight would be appreciated.
Updated 18-May-13 4:10am

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