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I am developing an application by 2010. I need to install it on my friend's computer. How to install this application on his computer without install any version of .net Framework completely?.
[no name] 20-May-13 7:40am    
Use a version of the framework that is already installed on your friends computer.

you will need respected or heigher version of .net framework on client computer.
If it's already exist in clent-pc then no need to reinstall you will able to install your application directly other-wise to rn .net apps you need to install .net respective version f framework on client pc

Happy Coding!
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salih1989 20-May-13 7:58am    
is it possible only install reference files like system.dll ?
Aarti Meswania 20-May-13 8:02am    
nope because if framework not installed how the files even system.dll will be interpreted & executed? framework is responsible to convert code upto machine language so it is necesary
salih1989 20-May-13 8:07am    
Thank you ..
Aarti Meswania 20-May-13 8:09am    
Glad to help you! :)
This is the same as asking "I bought a computer without OS; can I run my application without installing any OS completely".


Actually, .NET is the platform, even though it exists on top of Windows (but there are OS where .NET, or, more exactly, CLR sits immediately on top of Hardware Abstraction Layer, without any other "system"). No part of it can be use separately, without full installation of the target computer. The platform cannot be used on a removable drive, unless it holds the whole OS. You can think of .NET as the integral part of OS.

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Kschuler 20-May-13 14:22pm    
This doesn't help the OP at all. It would be a lot nicer if you could explain why. He's obviously a newbie. Everyone needed to ask questions like this to learn when they first started out.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-May-13 16:40pm    
I think even the newbie can understand hints. I think it's quite useful. Main message is "forget it". Isn't the advice to stop wasting time valuable?
But thank you for your note, perhaps I'll add few words.

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