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Hallo Guys,

I want to build an app that stores for word document, pdf and other documents into a database. I don't want to save its path instead. When the doc is required, first I want to pull off it from the database and then save it into disk.

Does storing the doc file into a database brings a format change into the doc itself?

Updated 17-Jul-13 23:15pm

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Solution 1

No, provided you save it the right way.
If you use a binary column, and pass the document as a parameter (rather than trying to concatenate it into the command string) then it should work fine. (A VARCHAR column may work, but a binary could be smaller, and may prevent some conversion errors if you don;t know what the file type contains)
Yonathan1111 20-May-13 12:53pm
Here is my attempt, but it did not work out.

string ext = Path.GetExtension(@_path);
FileSecurity fSecurity = File.GetAccessControl(_path);

fSecurity.AddAccessRule(new FileSystemAccessRule(Environment.UserName,
FileSystemRights.WriteData, AccessControlType.Allow));

// Set the new access settings.

File.SetAccessControl(_path, fSecurity);

string file = String.Empty;

using (StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(File.Open(@_path, FileMode.Open)))
file = sr.ReadToEnd();

using (StreamWriter sw =
new StreamWriter(File.Create(@"Test.doc")))
catch (Exception)

OriginalGriff 20-May-13 13:20pm
"it did not work out" is not very helpful - you need to stop swallowing exceptions and report them so you can see what is going wrong. Without the error, it is next to impossible to fix! :laugh:

Why are you reading with a Stream reader?
Try this:
byte[] data = File.ReadAllBytes(_path);
File.WriteAllBytes("Test.doc", data);
but give Test.Doc a path so it goes into a known folder rather the "current folder" which may not have sufficient access (it is the App folder by default).
And stop swollowing exceptions!
catch(Exception ex)
will at least tell you what the system s complaining about.
Yonathan1111 21-May-13 8:16am
Hi, Thanks a Lot.

It worked.
OriginalGriff 21-May-13 8:22am
You're welcome!

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