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I am trying to find a resource with FindResource but it kept returning error code 1813 (Resource not found).

The resource is defined in the *.rc file as
IDR_RC_DATA1            RC_DATA                 "C:\\...\\test.txt"

and am using FindResource(NULL, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDR_RC_DATA1), MAKEINTRESOURCE("RC_DATA")); to find the resource.
Volynsky Alex 21-May-13 5:01am    
Are you really sure that the IDR_RC_DATA1 string is present in your Resource.h ?
Oso Oluwafemi Ebenezer 21-May-13 5:17am    
Yes am very sure!
Oso Oluwafemi Ebenezer 21-May-13 5:21am    
#define IDR_RC_DATA1 101 in the resource.h file

The third parameter of FindResource() defines the resource type and must be the name of such a type, one of the standard types, or the ID of the type identifier converted by MAKINTRESOURCE(). See also in the MSDN[^]. Sou you may use one of these:
// Pass type by name
// Pass type by standard type (IDR_RC_DATA1 must be of this type)
// Pass type by ID (type ID must be defined in resource.h or somewhere else)
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Oso Oluwafemi Ebenezer 21-May-13 6:38am    
Thank you so much FindResource(NULL, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDR_RC_DATA1), _T("RC_DATA")); did the magic
// it should be
MAKEINTRESOURCE(RC_DATA) // without the quotes
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Oso Oluwafemi Ebenezer 21-May-13 5:24am    
Tried it before but the compiler outputted error C2065: 'RC_DATA' : undeclared identifier... This means RC_DATA is not recognized!
Richard MacCutchan 21-May-13 8:44am    
It should be RCDATA; no underscore, in the resource file. And RT_RCDATA in your source code.

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