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Hi friends.

I wanna start a project in which I want to do the following scenario:

- opening an existing pdf file through c# winform,

- display pdf contents in the form,
good quality and different zoom levels are welcomed!

- prepare some tools such as Highlight and Underline tools for user to do these annotations.
(selecting text ability is necessary for this I think !)

- save annotated pdf file.

- some other options such as add note to file and search in the text are welcomed!


Note that I shouldn't use any commercial component such as PDFViewer4Net, PDFNet SDK, PDF rasterizer,...

So, is it possible !? ( or I should give up my job!! )

should I use any library ?

Can iTextsharp be helpful ?

please help me, I really need it !

thanks in advance.

displaying pdf file should be just in winform, not in IE for example, beacause printing and saving pdf file to other places should be disabled !
Updated 21-May-13 18:31pm
It is certainly possible, but looks like quite a big work...
Mohamad77 22-May-13 0:53am
Thanks. Yes, It seems too hard. In other words, I need to create an application that works like the commercial components such as PDFNet SDK ! whould you please guide me how should I start? where could I get help from ?

I recommend to build a prototype using iTextsharp [open source]as the first step.

you can also try



if you really feel that these are not is not going to help you, you can go for a Oracle's (formerly Stellent's) Outside In viewer technology where you have to pay for the licence

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