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Actually i want to disable validations to dropdown lists when my check box is unchecked and it should enable when my check box is checked

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.cs site

ChkCapacity.Attributes.Add("OnClick", "EnableDisableControl(this,'" & ChkCapacity.ClientID & "','" & DDLCapacityKgs.ClientID & "')")

function EnableDisableControl(source, Chk, ddl) {
    if (source.checked == false) {
        document.getElementById(ddl).selectedIndex = 0;
        document.getElementById(, ddl)).disabled = !source.checked;
    else {
        document.getElementById(, ddl)).disabled = !source.checked;
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ntitish 24-May-13 1:43am    
sir actually i am posting one code can u say is it right or not

<script type="text/javascript">
function InitValidators()
Boolean chkbox=document.getElementById('<%=chkbox%>');
var ddl1=document.getElementById('<%=ddl1%>')
var ddl2=document.getElementById('<%=ddl2%>')
if(chk.checked=='true' && (ddl1.text =='' || ddl2.text ==''))
ValidatorEnable(document.getElementById('<%= RequiredFieldValidator1.ClientID%>'), true);
ValidatorEnable(document.getElementById('<%=RequiredFieldValidator2.ClientID%>'), true);
ValidatorEnable(document.getElementById('<%= RequiredFieldValidator1.ClientID%>'), false);
ValidatorEnable(document.getElementById('<%=RequiredFieldValidator2.ClientID%>'), false);
ntitish 24-May-13 1:49am    
Actually two dropdowns are in one panel which is in form and above the panel there is one checkbox if check the check box i am displaying the panel and if i uncheck the check box i am hiding the i want to give required field validators to that dropdown lists when i check the check box if i uncheck the check box the validation should be it possible

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