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Hi All,

i have requirement like to Convert rows to columns in SQL server.

i have retrieved data like below:
MatchId SelectionName   Odds
322	Home Win	1.33
322	Draw	        5.00
322	Away Win	9.00
322	Under 2.5	2.40
322	Over 2.5	1.53

and want to convert like below:
MatchId Home Win   Draw   Away Win   Under 2.5   Over 2.5
322	1.33	   5.00   9.00       2.40        1.53 

how can i do this?

Updated 27-May-13 2:33am

Select MatchId,[Home Win],[Draw],[Away Win],[Under 2.5],[Over 2.5]
From TableName 
    SUM(Odds) For SelectionName in ([Home Win],[Draw],[Away Win],[Under 2.5],[Over 2.5])
) as pvttbl

Happy Coding!
Arun Vasu 27-May-13 7:49am
Aarti Meswania 27-May-13 7:53am
Thank you! :)
query for make columns into rows in ms sql server[^]

use this.. If you have any query Please let me know.. i will help you..

i got my result from below query.

select * from (select MatchId,SelectionName,Odds From
    #tmpMatchOdds) As P Pivot
        Sum([odds]) For SelectionName In ([Home Win],[Draw],[Away Win],[Under 2.5],[Over 2.5])
    )As pv

Thanks for reply.

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