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Hi, I want to selectively color my text in my text box.
My input is a
List<Tuple<String,int>> MyList

Example :
Input :
<"Hi",    1 >
<"my",    1 >
<"name",  1 >
<"is",    1 >
<"Rohith",2 >
<".",     1 >

I want it to be displayed as(each string is separated by a space) : Hi my name is Rohith . Where Rohith is in red and the rest are in black as 1 represents black and 2 represents red in my program. There are a lot more colors in my list.

Can anyone point me to some resources where this has been done or please help me out in any way possible?
Pheonyx 3-Jun-13 6:24am    
I'm not sure how you would do this, but you a standard textbox would not work for it.
I would suggest looking at a Rich Text Box as these allows for formatting of sections of text.

You can specify the color of a subset of the text in a <TextBlock> or <RichTextBlock> using the <Run> element:
<Run Text="Hi" Foreground="Black">
<Run Text="my" Foreground="Black">
<Run Text="name" Foreground="Black">
<Run Text="is" Foreground="Black">
<Run Text="Rohith" Foreground="Red"><Run Text="." Foreground="Black">

You can use data binding to build this dynamically.
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Thanks Matt T Heffron for the solution. Here is how I did it on code behind

FlowDocument fldoc = generateFlowDocument(MyList);
richTextBox.Document = fldoc;

private FlowDocument generateFlowDocument(List<Tuple<String,int>> MyList)
    FlowDocument fd = new FlowDocument();
    System.Windows.Documents.Paragraph para = new System.Windows.Documents.Paragraph();
    foreach (Tuple<String,int> word in MyList)
        Run run = new Run(word.Item1 + " ");
        run.Foreground = returnBrushColour(word.Item2);
    return fd;

private Brush returnBrushColour(int colour)
    if (colour == 1)
        return Brushes.Black;
    else if (colour == 2)
        return Brushes.Red;
    //this goes on for a while but i guess you should get the idea
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