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I Have four table

I have a relation FK_Tbl_Order_Request_Tbl_CPU and FK_Tbl_Order_Request_Tbl_Monitor

when i try to enter data for moniter in Order_Request its giving me error

The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_Tbl_Order_Request_Tbl_CPU". The conflict occurred in database "EHealthInventory1", table "dbo.Tbl_CPU", column 'CPU_ID'.
The statement has been terminated.
Prasad Khandekar 3-Jun-13 8:36am    

You may be trying to insert a value for CPU_ID column in order_request for which no corresponding record exists in Tbl_CPU.

Savalia Manoj M 3-Jun-13 8:39am    
Please first insert record into Tbl_CPU and then insert record into Tbl_Order_Request.
$ultaNn 3-Jun-13 8:41am    
I am trying enter monitor ID in Order_Request at once ,
i can select cpu list, monitor list , printer list from a dropdown . where i can only select one item from one table . when i select one model its giving me error .
gvprabu 3-Jun-13 8:42am    
First you have to insert in "Parent" table, then that Ids only will insert in "Child" tables...
$ultaNn 3-Jun-13 8:45am    
@Savalia : i have data in CPU table , i have cpu id C-101 and so on , monitor ID M-101 and so on .. in the tables ..

i am trying to save ID's in Order_Request from different tables.

1 solution

The error clearly states that there is a conflict with the foreign key constraint. It means you are trying to insert a value that does not exist in the Foreign Key table. In your case the value of "CPU_ID" you are inserting in the table does not exist in "dbo.Tbl_CPU". The foreign key values you insert in a table must exist in their referenced tables.
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