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I just wanna ask can some one give me a program,code or a tutorial in creating a program that will use my picture selected as username and points in that picture is the password, same as windows 8

It will be a big help. TY
in VB.NET 2008 only

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov: Sir,Please Help me with This
Updated 3-Jun-13 17:15pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 3-Jun-13 23:30pm    
Thank you for trusting me, but, honestly, I never even thought about it... I read the description of the feature, and it seems somewhat questionable to me, even if it looks interesting...
Crixalis Paul 3-Jun-13 23:35pm    
Yes Sir. youre right about that and it will be a great alternative security for system that is using text as username and password to access programs and i think it will also prevent sql injections or attack in my own opinion.

Youre welcome sir. from what you have said early
HONESTLY youre my 1st Menthor here :)
Crixalis Paul 5-Jun-13 1:33am    
Sir. Sergey i just wanna ask if you can help me with this.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Jun-13 2:17am    
Hardly. I'm really skeptical about this, now in terms of feasibility of such project. You would be between to fires: first, the input is really hard to recognize; second, if you make it recognizable more easily, it will give you a very high false positive rate (I mean, positive acceptance of image as authentic while in fact it is not).

Also, pay attention that Microsoft holds some patent for the technology while admitting it to have limited security value and should only be used to complement password authentication method. That said, Microsoft took easier recognition root (or was led to it by circumstances). Indeed, if you read about their description of the technology, they tell something into breaking area in a set of smaller rectangles, and so on. It suggests: easier to recognize, not too hard to fake.

No, I don't say that competing with Microsoft is impossible. I just think that working in this field would be more or less useless, by a whole set of factors I just got familiar with...

Maciej Los 5-Jun-13 2:31am    
Ohhh... Now i got it. OP wants to recognize face (picture) to log in into His application...
Thank you for clarification, Sergey ;)

I agree with you that is hard to implement and does not guarantee a security.

Please see all my comments to the question.

I also found this article about the password being "totally hackable":[^].

Before, in my comments, I actually tried to explain why.

See also the material about the Microsoft patent on this technology:[^].

This is the patent description itself:[^].

If you go in for this, you will have to avoid infringing the patent, which can be quite difficult. But the patent description also suggests that existing Microsoft solution suffers from being between Scylla and Charybdis of ability to recognize the image and to detect imitations, as I awkwardly tried to describe in my comments, which makes it very questionable in terms of false positives and false negatives.

At least it should explain my strong skepticism about the this technology, and even more about the idea of developing of an alternative. I think if you are going to put forward anything at all, it should be very, very different from what Microsoft has. Do you have such ideas?

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Maciej Los 5-Jun-13 11:58am    
+5 for for dedicated time and explanation ;)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Jun-13 12:01pm    
Thank you, Maciej.
[EDIT #1]
Please, read all comments to your question. I agree with SA that is hard to implement and does not guarantee a security.

I would like to share with you some idea: How to create login form similar to WinXP/7:
1) Create new project,
2) Define default user with default password (only for testing),
3) Add form to use it as a login form to your application,
4) Place on this form PictureBox[^], load your picture and define "Click" event (see PictureBox events[^]),
5) Inside the body of "Click" event procedure dynamically create TextBox[^] and on the right Button[^],
Adding Controls to Windows Forms[^]
How to: Add Controls to Windows Forms[^]
6) Add EventHandler for button OnClick event: How to: Add an Event Handler Using Code[^],
7) Inside Button_Click() event procedure check the password ...

Please, try!

Is it enough for start?
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