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Hello Everyone, I'm trying to upload a file to my website using a method I found on the net. When i upload files in debug mode, it works fine, but when I try to upload on my website, I get this error.

Access to the path 'D:\Hosting\11029316\html\gizmoblog\Content\Images\dpi.jpg' is denied.

This is the method I'm using to upload files.

public ActionResult UpdateLogo(HttpPostedFileBase SiteLogo)
   if (SiteLogo.ContentLength > 0)
       var fileName = Path.GetFileName(SiteLogo.FileName);
       var path = Path.Combine(Server.MapPath("~/Content/Images"), fileName);

Is there a way I can upload the file using a FTP stream? Or even upload them using a URI to my website like Really need help guys..
Updated 4-Jun-13 15:42pm
NotPolitcallyCorrect 4-Jun-13 21:21pm
Have you tried just giving access permission to that directory?
Dezmen Ceo Sykes 4-Jun-13 22:13pm
Not really, im gonna try now
Dezmen Ceo Sykes 4-Jun-13 22:19pm
I feell ike a derp! It worked lol
Nice... Yes if you find the error access to the path is denied, the solution is please try to grant the permission to the folder and I believe it will fix your issue.

1 solution

Some times you have no permission to access a particular folder or file. So you can give permission dynamically to that particular folder like below
var dInfo = new DirectoryInfo(@"D:\Hosting\11029316\html\gizmoblog\Content\Images\");
DirectorySecurity dSecurity = dInfo.GetAccessControl();
dSecurity.AddAccessRule(new FileSystemAccessRule(new SecurityIdentifier(WellKnownSidType.WorldSid, null), FileSystemRights.FullControl, InheritanceFlags.ObjectInherit | InheritanceFlags.ContainerInherit, PropagationFlags.NoPropagateInherit, AccessControlType.Allow));

Hope this helps

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