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My google skills are letting me down on this one.

Microsoft, specifically in SSRS2008 onwards are no longer using IIS to host the website part of the native management interface.

Based on my investigation it appears they've created an self hosted WCF service on a basic http binding and are rendering the ASPX page responses via the WCF service.

This is a technique I'd love to master as it creates a world of opportunities for distributing web based components without the complexities of requiring and configuring IIS.

Do anyone know of any resources that would show me how to achieve this? Or to achieve a similar approach whereby I can serve ASPX page responses without IIS?



Although you may have found a solution, I have been having to research the same kind of issues, and I am posting this solution for anyone who may this information useful.

I am currently investigating how to do an easy deployment of a Silverlight application hosted in an website that uses a DomainService to read from and write to a SQL Server database. One solution that I have got working is to install IISExpress 8.0 and SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1. Then create two batch files: 1 to start up IIS Express, and the second one to open a browser pointing to the specific page that contains the Silverlight application. These batch files are placed the root folder containing the website.

The batch file to start IIS Express contains the following commands:
CD C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express\
IISExpress.exe /path:C:\\\ /port:9090 /clr:v4.0

The batch file to open the browser and point to the Silverlight application contains the following commands:
start /max http://localhost:9090/ThrowMeAway.comTestPage.html

The downside to this approach is that a command window is open. Now you do not want a command window to open on a client's computer, so the way to overcome this is to write a small VB.NET or C# Windows Forms application that will execute the above commands using the .NET Framework Process.Start commands.

However, I am still looking into how to self host without IIS. Katana and CassiniDev to two options that are worth investigating.

A good article worth reading regarding CassiniDev is Using CassiniDev to host ASP.NET in your application.

And as far as Project Katana goes, a good place to start is by reading An Overview of Project Katana.

I hope the above information is useful.
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Sadly as is often the case I've had to answer my own question :-(

I have found a product called CassiniDev. My understanding is this is what's evolved into the core of the Visual Studio Development Web Server.

Utilising CassiniDev I should be able to host the web server and provide my application within my own process and without a dependency on IIS.
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