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HI, i m developing a simple CRM.

In this i have to retrieve data from database one by one.There are two tables, t1 contain 4 fields and t2 contain 8 fields. I m using data reader but it gives me any row(mostly the last row), i want the rows to appear serially, one by one.what i want is that initially 1st row should appear then its values should filled in 4 text boxes, there are 4 blank text boxes except the above one and these should be filled later and then it is submitted through a submit button. this new data of 8 fields is stored in table t2. then the next data from t1 should appear in first 4 text boxes and remaining text boxes are filled and this data should be submitted through submit button. it must run in this way until the whole data of t1 is sent to t2. plz help me..... i want to solve it asap.....

Thanks in advance....
Updated 5-Jun-13 2:34am
Rockstar_ 5-Jun-13 8:14am
Confusing, make it clear...?
Maciej Los 5-Jun-13 8:23am
And issue is...
Nandakishore G N 5-Jun-13 8:37am
paste what have you done till now.

1 solution

You don't have to get the rows one by one, get a Datatable using the SQL query of your choice and then iterate through the rows in C# using the foreach keyword.

shalini2 11-Jun-13 5:48am
Thanks for this help.... :) :)
Joezer BH 11-Jun-13 7:00am
You are welcome.
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