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Hi everyone!

I have a simple issue that I can't see a resolution for right now. I'm hoping someone can pinpoint what I'm doing wrong.

Main goal: Create new datarows for a datatable and add values for 3 columns to each datarow.
DataTable waveform_file_dt = new DataTable();
DataRow newRow = waveform_file_dt.NewRow();

newRow["table_name"] = tl;
newRow["column_name"] = columnQuery_dr.GetString(0);
newRow["waveform_file"] = waveform_comms_dr.GetString(0) + ".psdata";

The error I'm seeing is :

Column "table_name" does not belong to table.

How can I reference the index of the column in the datatable?

(Notes for cryptic assignments: "tl" is from a foreach loop, columnQuery_dr.GetString(0) is from a SQLCeDataReader check for end of reader and same with waveform_comms_dr.GetString(0)).

Thank you everyone!
Updated 7-Jun-13 9:49am

1 solution

Have a look here:

Clicke me[^]

This might be what you are looking for.
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joshrduncan2012 7-Jun-13 16:19pm    
Yep, that did it. Thanks Rich!
Richard C Bishop 7-Jun-13 16:21pm    
You are welcome.

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