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Hi. I'm an IT student and a newbie in programming. Is there any tutorials on how to connect the two systems? The payroll and biometrics system. Is there any networking techniques?. What software to I need to use? Thank you sir.
rohan bhanu 11-Jun-13 1:50am    
Payroll and biometric systems are two different systems having individual databases.

You will have to connect both database with each other for which you will have to make new application.
It will be better for us to explain you how to do this ,if you provide us more detailed information about your both system.
lyk which databases your systems are using ,application you are using is made by you or purchased from vender.
Richard MacCutchan 11-Jun-13 3:35am    
You would really need to do your own research on these subjects. Also any connection between the two will depend entirely on how they are designed; there is no generic answer.

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At first sting you should find the right environment and language for your problem. Read the docs of the system whether they have a powerful API-language.

If you what to learn then you can use C# or java. In C++ you have to write more code.
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JackDingler 11-Jun-13 9:28am    
No, the first step is to research the API between the two systems and determine how the two can and should be connected.

The language is a just a tool for performing this operation. The APIs or lack thereof, can help determine what language or languages will suit your solution best.
KarstenK 11-Jun-13 9:37am    
Not all! At first he must consider his systems with that payroll and biometric systems. They can be complex frameworks with a highly developed interface so it is clear which language he has to use.

Like SAP => ABAP.

JackDingler 11-Jun-13 9:48am    
That's what I said.
JackDingler 11-Jun-13 9:48am    
But you're right, I posted in haste, didn't read your response carefully.

I see more coffee in my immediate future.

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