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How to avoid scroll bars in web page,even nothing to see down little bit scroll bar appears,how to avoid for all browser.

Note : i use master page.

I think your solution will be...this

set in master page

Aravindba 12-Jun-13 1:13am
ok thank for ur reply,but in child page i have only grid view and height is 200 px only,if i use height is auto in master page ,if i run website the child page gets small,omly 200px ,page will i set full screen ,if i minimize i want scroll bar ,if i maxmize i dint want scroll bar,if i run in bigger resolution i want to fit on that screen also.

How to set default height,and that height is support for all browser including ie8 and all screen resolution,now what i am get if develop in 1440X900 res if i run well,but if i run in bigger res i get white space on below of the page,how to fit in all res ?
pls reply me asap
Balasubramanian T 12-Jun-13 4:24am
sorry aravind i can not understand ur issue
Is ther any problem,if you set height:auto for master page
Aravindba 12-Jun-13 4:25am
my problem is,scroll bar is appear but that one is unnecessary,little bit scroll bar is appear,i am use master page how to avoid scroll bar and fit into all browser and all screen resolution ?

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