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Anyone know how to load a DataGrid with a csv file? In Winforms it was quite easy by means of dg.Rows.Add({object()}). This method is not available in the Silverlight DataGrid. If there is another approach to displaying this kind of data I am open to suggestions.

The trick here that I need it to be dynamic. Open any csv file of diff number of columns without prior knowledge.

Searching - yeah my tail off, nothing matches my criteria.

My attempt:

Dim ofd As New OpenFileDialog
     If ofd.ShowDialog Then
       If IO.File.Exists(ofd.File.FullName) Then
         Dim srsCol As New List(Of String())
         Using fs As IO.FileStream = ofd.File.OpenRead
           Using sr As New IO.StreamReader(fs)
             While Not sr.Peek = -1
             End While
           End Using
         End Using
         dgStaff.ItemsSource = srsCol
       End If
     End If
Updated 12-Jun-13 4:13am

What about your search in Google? Did you search on it, right?

Anyway, there is a great article here[^].

Best regards.
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Idle_Force 12-Jun-13 10:14am    
I have, I updated the question to be more clear.
I solved it and posted it in the discussions board on CodePlex since the solution involves using this extended DataGrid.

Bindable Datagrid
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