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Hi fellows,

I'm quiet new to this ASP frontend part of software... Here is my case:
I'm running an local WinForms software, which run on each client at the business. The system if written in C# and I'm using the Visual Studio tool for development. Behind the data layer, there is a MSSQL Express DB running for persisting.
There have been a new requirement to the existing system. They want a webpage for customers to visit, and add themself to newsletter, and ofc wih an equal operation unsubscribe their email from the list stored on the DB.

So with this new piece of challenge for me, I have to develop some form of a webpage, which will interact with the DB, from the user input.
I need som suggestions to, which language I should use (ASP, PHP, scripting?), and are there any nice feature in VS2008 to add the webpart to the existing system (with all the .cs classes and winforms)???
I know there will need to be an webserver (ISS or Apache depending on language), but what I search so for is just some suggestions about how to start, and what should I start with?

Best regards

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If you are laready familiar with c# I would suggest sticking with Asp.Net/C# as the learnign curve should not be overly difficult.

If you have the Winforms project as part of a solution then you should be able to add a web aplication as a new project.

You may also be able ot leverage some of the functionality (if appropriate) that you have already created but may find that you have to extract that common functionlaity into a new project which would mean a lot of extra work. YOu'd have to decide what is best for you.

There are plenty of examples here and via Google of how to do all of this. Enjoy.
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