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District      	Center		        s_No
Chittoor	        VenkatagiriKota         20004
Hyderabad   	CivilSupply	                20005 
Ananthapur	NGOHome 	        20006	
Ananthapur	Ananthapur                20007
Chittoor	        Chittoor                     20008
Ananthapur	NGOHome                20010	
Ananthapur	Ananthapur               20020

Id                                                    S_No	
1080200062412120131215133536 	   20004
1080200062412220130509170801          20005
1080200062412320130509171628          20006 
1080200062412420130509172121          20007
1080200062412520130509172512          20008

id	                                                s_No  	Name
1080200062412120131215133536	20004	aaa
1080200062412420130509172121	20007	bbb
1080200062413220130509181948 	20010       xxx
1080200062413320130509182836 	20020	yyy

District        Center               S_No            Id                                       Status                       
Chittoor      VenkatagiriKota  20004  1080200062412120131215133536   Matched
Hyderabad  CivilSupply	 20005  1080200062412220130509170801 Unmatched
Ananthapur  NGOHome       20006  1080200062412320130509171628 Unmatched 
Ananthapur  Ananthapur      20007  1080200062412420130509172121 Matched
Chittoor        Chittoor 	         20008  1080200062412520130509172512 Unmatched
Ananthapur   NGOHome      20010 1080200062413220130509181948 Newlyadded
Ananthapur   Ananthapur     20020 1080200062413320130509182836 Newlyadded

Matched means:if Table2 and Table3 record is matched status in matched
Unmatched means:if Table2 and Table3 record is unmatched status in unmatched
Newly added:if new record is added in table3 status is newly added.
i am using bellow query. but it will shows one error
with cte as (select CenterDetails.District,CenterDetails.CenterName,NewDataParsing.EA_STATION_ID,case isnull(OldDataParsing.ENROLMENT_PACKET,0) when 0 then 'Newly added' else 'Matched' end as status
from  OldDataParsing right outer join  NewDataParsing on OldDataParsing.EA_STATION_ID = NewDataParsing.EA_STATION_ID
inner join  CenterDetails on NewDataParsing.EA_STATION_ID = CenterDetails.EnrolmentStation)
select CenterDetails.District,CenterDetails.CenterName,CenterDetails.EnrolmentStation,isnull(cte.status,'Un_matched') as Status from  CenterDetails left outer join cte on CenterDetails.EnrolmentStation = cte.EA_STATION_ID

error is
Msg 248, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
The conversion of the nvarchar value '1080200073724520130524170256 ' overflowed an int column.
Updated 17-Jun-13 0:47am
KarthickInfosys 17-Jun-13 5:47am
I think you are trying to convert integer to nvarchar check the data-type of all tables

1 solution

Error Shows that OverFlow is Occuring... So try Converting that Integer to Nvarchar Datatype.. not Nvarchar to Integer..

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