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hi guys can u help me on finding API for image processing and extracting features of an image..and how to use neural network?
Prasad Khandekar 17-Jun-13 10:11am
How about searching this very site?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Jun-13 12:15pm

I provided much more specific advice; please see my answer.

Your comment is of course credited.


1 solution

Use the advice Prasad gave you in his comment to your question.

In particular, consider using of the famous open-source machine vision library AForge.NET:[^],[^].

For the part of library related to the Artificial Neural Networks, start here:[^].


Also, read the CodeProject articles on Neural Networks by the AForge.NET author Andrew Kirillov:
Neural Network OCR[^],
Neural Networks on C#[^].

See also:[^].

Prasad Khandekar 18-Jun-13 0:26am
My +5.
Thank you, Prasad.
me.sanobabu1 19-Jun-13 8:25am
will u please help me in finding code..
Finding what code? What help? I answered your question in detail, didn't I? Why won't you accept it formally (green button)?
In all cases, your follow-up question will be welcome, but this one is not a question. Do you have a question?

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