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I have 3 dropdownlists..In DDL1 i insert days(31) in DDL2 i insert months(till Dec) and in DDL3 i insert Years(from 1985 to 2000). suppose if user select date,month and year then automatically age in a below textbox appears. like for 1,Jan,1985 age appears in textbox as 28 years ? how can i do it .
Previously i used calendar control but that was not succesful. please guide me. Thanks.

Try this plugin.[^]

Hope this helps
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Thanks7872 20-Jun-13 2:06am    
Excellent..! ↑voted.
Rambo_Raja 20-Jun-13 3:09am    
please i m not getting it...thanks for help it help me but not able to solve my when in ddl1 i select 23 in ddl2 in select feb and in ddl3 i select 1989 then automatically in txtAge calculated age appears as in this particular ex 24. also my big doubt is on selecting the values from different DDL's how they know that they are connected to each other. or say how to connect then here a one more point i m not binding DDL to Datasource. Thanks.Help me .
Thanks7872 20-Jun-13 4:52am    
Refer to chintan's answer below.

There pass year ddl's value as first parameter,month as second and day as third.

DateTime dob = new DateTime(ddlyear.SelectedValue,ddlmonth.SelectedValue,ddldate.SelectedValue);
Jameel VM 20-Jun-13 3:16am    
connected to each other mean? can you explain your requirement?
This one is the best example for calculate the age from given full date. I think its helping to you.

DateTime dob = new DateTime(1988, 10, 23);
TimeSpan tm = (DateTime.Now - dob);
int age = (tm.Days / 365);
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