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I have written a code to open a report in the crystal viewer and it is working fine in Windowsxp machine however when i try and run it in the WIndows 7 machine i am getting a blank report. Below is the code i am using.

Could you please let me know what i am doing wrong here due to which the report is being displayed as blank.

frmReportViewer = frmRptViewer.CreateInstance();
frmReportViewer.crystlRpt = null;

//Provider Letter
frmReportViewer.crystlRpt = MemoryHelper.ReleaseAndCleanObject<CRAXDDRT.Report>(frmReportViewer.crystlRpt, (CRAXDDRT.Report)crystlApp.OpenReport(modAUTHFE.gstrReportRootDir + "\\CLAIMS\\test123.rpt", Type.Missing));

frmReportViewer.crystlRpt.Database.LogOnServer("pdsodbc.dll", "DB", "Claims", modAUTHFE.gstrUID, modAUTHFE.gstrPWD);

frmReportViewer.crystlRpt.EnableParameterPrompting = false;

//frmReportViewer = frmRptViewer.CreateInstance();
frmReportViewer.CRViewer.ReportSource = frmReportViewer.crystlRpt;
frmReportViewer.CRViewer.EnableExportButton = true;
frmReportViewer.Top = (int)0;
frmReportViewer.Left = (int)0;


I am not understand your code, but i know how we display data in crystal report by small code.

here are sample.

First step. u need to create a new file of dataset (.xsd), give it name like dataset1.
In this dataset u make the all colum which u want to display.

2nd step: add a new crystal report file give it name crystalreport1
in field Explorer->datbasefiled->databaseexpert->projectdata-> dataset

then select dataset1, which u maked in 1st step. drag drop ur colum from fileexploer to crystal report.

3rd step: in a form u add crystalreportviwer suppose it's name is crystalreportvier1

write the below code on formload event of form on which u take crystalreportview1

SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("connection string");
     string query = "Your query";
     SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(query, con);
     DataSet1 ds1 = new DataSet1();
     da.Fill(ds1.Tables.Add("Items")); //item is just table name in dataset
     CrystalReport1 objRpt = new CrystalReport1();
     crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = objRpt;
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try telerik reporting , its so better than crystal report !
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anupama962010 22-Jun-13 1:54am    
We have to use the crystal reports only

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