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I have a messenger(not english) and my users want to connect to yahoo(like nimbuzz) in my messenger.
How i can implement that? With XMPP(How?)?

The typical approach is to make a generic application shell with plugins for protocols, this is how Pidgin(formerly GAIM) and Trillian do it.

The other choice is to use an XMPP server that has "protocol bridges" that allow you to connect to the other networks.

Any development that you might do to connect to the closed networks like MSN or Yahoo is likely to rendered useless at anytime because they are closed spec applications.

Jabber/XMPP on the other hand is an open documented spec, thus connecting to services that use it, can be relied upon.
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Your best bet is to go to the yahoo site and read their documentation. If there's an API, they will bet he ones exposing it.
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The xmpp protocol bridges let your server connect to the services for you.

Trillian, GAIM, Meebo and those clients each make a separate connection to your separate networks. XMPP servers that support the other protocols mean you ONLY connect to the XMPP server, the server then connects to the other protocols for you.

back to your original question... Meebo and GAIM use the opensource library libpurple to connect the other server types.
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