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I am creating one application using master page. I want the menu to be displayed dynamically. How can i achieve this using Content page.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks7872 26-Jun-13 6:44am
Master page is for the similar layout.If you have 4 things on your page,in which 3 things remain constant at everytime,then put them in masterpage,so the remaining 1 will be in content page.Now,for your question if the menu is dynamic then put them in content page with placeholder perticular for that menu.
Kumar from madras 26-Jun-13 7:22am
Hi Rohan
Thanks for your reply.
I can bring the data from database. Through Content page menu has to be displayed in master page.
Thanks7872 26-Jun-13 7:49am
what you are trying to do?what you want and where you want?
VICK 26-Jun-13 6:53am
Or you can use the UserControls rather than Master Pages....
Kumar from madras 26-Jun-13 7:20am
Hi Khan

Thanks for your Reply
I done the dynamic menu loading on Normal ASPX page. I want to done this on Master Page.
Any Help.
VICK 26-Jun-13 7:49am
Hi Kumar.. So you wana alter some of the Master page content from its Childpage on runtime basis?? i.e dynamically.
VICK 26-Jun-13 7:51am
Hope that gona give you some idea...
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Jun-13 7:52am
You can create PlaceHolder in MasterPage and then you can load dynamic menu from Content Page in that PlaceHolder.

Below link on Master Page will help you.

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