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Hi all,

I have two tables there are parent and child table.and i want to insert data into those tables , firstly i want to insert in parent table and i want to get Identity col value from parent and using this, i want to insert details information into child table.

Here am using stored procedure for inserting data to tables


create table parent(id int primary key,name varchar(40),class varchar(40))

create table child(id int foreign key references parent(id), age int,village varchar(50))

Thanks and Regards,

Dhineshkumar V
Updated 16-May-17 1:34am
OriginalGriff 26-Jun-13 9:27am
What is the problem?
What have you tried? Where are you stuck?

1 solution

Example sql query:
DECLARE @pid INT --parent id, where id is identity for parent table

INSERT INTO parent ([name], [class])
VALUES('Dhinesh kumar.V', 'last')


INSERT INTO parent (pid, age, village)
VALUES(@pid, 21, 'Best Village')

Have a look here:
Dhinesh kumar.V 28-Jun-13 5:21am
Thanks buddy...
Maciej Los 28-Jun-13 6:43am
You're welcome ;)
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Member 11332842 16-May-17 7:35am
how to insert multiple rows in children table with the same main table identity plz?
CHill60 16-May-17 7:46am
If you have a question of your own use the  Ask a Question  link at the top of the page. Include details of the table(s), some sample data and your expected results. Also include the code you have tried so far

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