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Interface IFurnitureDao{...}

Class TableDao : IFurnitureDao {...}
Class ChairDao : IFurnitureDao {...}
Class AlmirahDao : IFurnitureDao {...}

I have a generic class of type IFurnitureDao...

Class MyGenericClass<T> where T:IFurnitureDao {...}

The objects of MyGenericClass is stored in an ArrayList as shown below :

ArrayList myList = new ArrayList {new MyGenericClass<TableDao>{..} , new MyGenericClass<ChairDao>{..}, MyGenericClass<AlmirahDao>{..} }

While retriving the data from ArrayList I am tryign to cast teh objects into IFurnitureDao.

List<MyGeneRicClass<IFurnitureDao>> newList = myList.OfType<MyGenericClass<IFurnitureDao>>().toList();

I am receiving an error stating
unable to cast objects from MyGenericClass<TableDao> to MyGenericClass<IFurnitureDao>. 

Can anyone guide me on this . Thanks !

Updated 26-Jun-13 4:46am

You can't cast concrete objects to interfaces. Your concrete objects implement the interface but may also implement other interfaces or contain additional properties/methods. Therefore you can't go backwards.

Plus, an interface is NOT an object. It is only a description (or blueprint) for an object which will be applied to an object that implements that interface.

If you want to cast your specific objects back to a generic object, you will need to create a generic class which implements nothing but your interface then assign each property as you iterate the list of concrete objects. Or, create a base class from your interface then derive your concrete objects from the base class. Like this:

Interface IFurnitureDao{...}

Class BaseDao : IFurnitureDao {...}
Class TableDao : BaseDao {...}
Class ChairDao : BaseDao {...}
Class AlmirahDao : BaseDao {...}

If you do this, then you can cast backwards as long as there are no real differences:
Class MyGenericClass<t> where T:BaseDao {...}</t>
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The classes you are trying to case are not generic. You already instantiated generics into a complete classes.

Say, MyGenericClass<> is generic, MyGenericClass<TableDao> (if TableDao is a complete class, not generic parameter) is not.

If they were generic classes, the whole idea of casting would not make any sense: there are not instances of generic classes.
Your classes are non-generic, but you cannot cast them because they are not assignment-compatible. It's not clear why are you trying to assign instances of them.

For some background, please see this:[^].

But, to understand it, you should get better understanding of more basic programming topics: classes and instances, generic classes, complete types, instantiation of genetics, and other generic topics.

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